What is the quality of the wok?

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Iron pan: The safest pot at the moment

According to the introduction, the use of traditional Chinese iron pot is the safest kitchen utensils at present, and it is also the most commonly used pot in Yongkang pot factory. The qualified iron pan is made of pig iron. It does not contain other chemicals and does not have oxidation results. In the process of cooking and cooking, the iron pot will not have dissolved matter, and there will be no zero score. Even if iron is dissolved, the body can absorb it.

It is reported that experts also recommend the use of iron pots. The reason for this is that the iron pot has a good auxiliary effect on the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Due to the action of salt and vinegar on iron in a low temperature form, and the friction of a spatula, a spoon, etc., the inorganic iron on the outer surface of the pot is desquamated into a powder having a small diameter. After being absorbed by the human body, these powders are converted into inorganic iron salts under the action of gastric acid, thereby becoming a hematopoietic raw material of the human body, and promoting its auxiliary healing effect. Many of the food contains iron, but the iron is the most indirect.

Tips: Ordinary iron pan is easy to rust. If the body absorbs too much iron oxide, that is, rust, it will cause harm to the liver. Experts said that the iron pan is prone to rust and should not be used for food overnight. At the same time, try not to use the wok to cook the soup, so as to avoid the appearance of the oil layer that the iron pot does not rust. Wash the pan as much as possible to prevent the maintenance layer from being washed out. After brushing the pot, try to wipe the water in the pot to prevent rust. If there is fine rust, it can be washed with vinegar.

Non-stick pan: should not be fried at low temperature

According to the introduction of environmental chemistry experts in China, ammonium perfluorooctanoate is a manually produced fluoropolymeric acid. Due to its high volatility, it is not easy to adhere to food and it is a necessary consumption data for non-stick coating. It is a film with a thickness of about 0.2 mm. If the dry or oil temperature reaches 300 degrees Celsius, the film can be destroyed.

It is understood that when the non-stick pan is used, if the temperature reaches 260 ° C, the PFOA component in the non-stick pan will be decomposed. However, in general, when cooking, the temperature does not reach 260 ° C, but if you cook fried food, the temperature of the pot can exceed 260 ° C. According to experts, the boiling point of water is 100 ° C. If the dish is cooked in a non-stick pan, the temperature will not exceed 100 ° C. In addition, if you only use non-stick cooking, then the oil will pour the vegetables into the pot after the smoke, the water will be almost cooked, and the temperature will not be too high.

Tips: Many dishes need to be fried during cooking, such as fried chicken wings, fried ribs, etc., and the boiling point of the oil is 320 ° C. When frying food, the oil is constantly hot, the temperature is very high, which is easy to incur non-stick The harmless components in the pot are broken down. Therefore, when cooking fried and fried foods, try to prevent the use of non-stick pans.

Expert Tip: Use non-stick cooking, do not use the iron shovel, this will slow down the destruction of non-stick coating, it can release substances harmful to the human body.

People in the family love to use iron pot to stir-fry, because they can supplement iron; summer raw tomatoes are both nutritious and convenient; white-collar workers are prevalent in eating vitamin tablets, iron pots are not as good as blood tofu.

Ceramic pot, casserole: should not contain acidic food

Porcelain pots have been publicly considered to be non-toxic tableware, but in recent years there have been reports of poisoning. According to experts, some of the beautiful outerwear (glaze) of porcelain tableware contain lead. If the temperature is not enough when the porcelain is burned, or the glaze ingredients are not in conformity with the specifications, the pot can contain more lead.

When the food comes into contact with the pot, the lead can spill into the food with the appearance of the glaze. In the sampling inspection, the national quality inspection department also found that the lead and cadmium dissolution of local ceramic pots exceeded the standard. The amount of lead and cadmium dissolved refers to the commodity that contains lead and cadmium in excess of the standard when the food is contained in the food. It will form heavy metal poisoning, which will seriously affect the health of the body. The national compulsive norm will lead to the dissolution of lead and cadmium. The number of targets affecting the well-being of the human body is strictly limited.

Tips for use: Casserole enamel contains a large amount of lead, so the newly bought casserole, it is best to first soak with 4% vinegar water to boil, so that most of the harmless substances can be removed. sand

The inner wall of the pot is colored, and it is not suitable to store alcohol, vinegar and acidic drinks and food. The enamel tableware is applied to the outer layer of the enamel product as a layer of enamel. It contains a substance such as aluminum silicate. If it is damaged, it will be transferred to the food. When purchasing enamel tableware, it is required to be smooth and smooth on the outside, the enamel is on average, and the color is bright.

Stainless steel pot: not suitable for long salt

The utensils made of stainless steel are beautiful and durable. However, unqualified stainless steel pots may present a safety hazard. Unqualified stainless steel pots, some of which can dissolve in the application, the body will gradually accumulate in the body after repeated ingestion, when it reaches a certain limit, it will endanger the well-being of the human body.

For manufacturers of wok wholesalers, chromium is an essential trace element in the body and plays a special role in the body's sugar metabolism and lipid metabolism. Trivalent chromium is an element that is not beneficial to the human body, and hexavalent chromium is listed as one of the chemicals harmful to the human body and is one of the internationally recognized carcinogenic metals.

Tips for use: Stainless steel is not completely rust-free. If it is temporarily exposed to acid or alkali substances, it will also react chemically, so that the trace elements are dissolved.

Therefore, the stainless steel utensil container should not be used for a long time to hold salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup, etc.; In addition, it is not necessary to use a strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemical such as soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite or the like to wash the stainless steel food container to avoid corrosion of the product.

Aluminum pan: It is not advisable to use a metal shovel for cooking

The characteristics of the aluminum pan are excellent in heat spread, the heat transfer effect is 16 times that of the stainless steel pot, and the pot body is lighter. However, improper use of aluminum will dissolve a small amount, and excessive aluminum will temporarily slow down the body's aging, which is not good for health. According to Dr. Huang Wei, deputy director of the Nursing Division of the First Hospital of Jinan University, the aluminum pan should not be used for low-temperature frying. The low temperature or metal shovel can cause the aluminum component to be released when it collides with the aluminum pan during cooking. In addition, aluminum pans can not be filled with strong acid and alkali dishes, such as preserved foods, it is best to use glassware.

Tips for use: Some experts said that as far as possible, do not use aluminum tableware, the speculators because of the accumulation of aluminum in the human body will cause mental decline, memory loss and old age intelligence. Aluminum tableware can't be used with iron tableware. The chemical action of both will lead to more aluminum ions entering the food.

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